Foster care is one of the most imperative yet scarce elements in any rescue program including ours. There have been times when Westies coming into our rescue program have required interim foster care. When such a Westie comes to us, it is our belief that this care should be in a home setting and not a boarding facility for obvious reasons.

Even though Westies adapt very easily to a change in their environment, it is essential that we, as rescuers, not add to the baggage they already carry. In fact, by opening your hearts and your homes to one of these Westies, you may even lighten their load thus making them more desirable to the prospective adopter.

Foster care is a rewarding see a Westie blossom and thrive under your care is probably one of the most heartwarming gratifying experiences you will ever encounter.

Foster care is short-term temporary care. While in your care, you might have to teach the Westie what a crate is, what a leash is, what "house manners are, etc. Your own dogs will be an immense help with the training of your foster Westie. Your foster Westie will learn from your dogs just by observing their routine. You might have to treat this Westie medically. One of the principal reasons to place a Westie into foster care is a skin/coat problem. We have seen "sow's ears turned into silk purses" in a matter of weeks.

When you accept to foster a Westie from the Westie Rescue Program, all expenses are paid out of our rescue fund. Westie Rescue covers all veterinarian expenses, Rx, food, necessary supplies and medications/prescriptions. All we ask from you is a safe, stable, secure environment and the time and energy needed to nurture this Westie.

Some people will actually find themselves bonding with the Westie in their care and have a hard time when the adoption process is completed. You must remember that your primary goal is to rehabilitate this Westie for a successful adoption.

The unequivocal commitment to be a foster caregiver can only be made by you.

If you feel you have enough time to work with a foster Westie, the patience needed for this task, and are willing to commit unconditionally, please Contact Us or phone (540) 554-2963 to enroll in the Foster Care Program to rehabilitate Westies in need.

You can also download the Application to Provide Foster Care to learn more about the requirements to be a foster caregiver.